A little piece of me

What to say about me? Southern, Constitutionalist, Conservative chick, born and raised the good ol’ American way. I strongly support the 2nd Amendment and believe in Jesus Christ. Enjoys travel, writing, design, photography, nature, animals, hiking, and extreme sports! Love my family, my children are my heart and soul. 


Let’s face it.. we have all thought one time or another that if we had known the outcome of a situation, we might have done something different. 

My story begins and ends with a lie... An Adoption Agency.

I got pregnant unexpectedly and already had two children I could barely take care of. My youngest sons birth father had up and left before he was even a year old. I had a job but didn’t quite make enough for all of my bills, let alone another child. So I stupidly thought, “Maybe I could place him for adoption and still be able to be in his life”.

I met with an adoption agency and got the ball rolling. I was sent several, and I mean several family profiles of Potential families and carefully selected the adoptive couple — the father was in Sport Medicine and the mother a dance instructor who planned to stay home with the baby for the first year. Plus, the couple had 6 children of their own, so I thought it would have been perfect! They had a solid marriage, high school sweethearts! Most importantly, we shared the same values on Jesus Christ and a few other things that meant the world to me. They had a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot of pictures in their profile that just made me think they were honestly the best couple we could have asked for.